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About TeraVPN

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Encrypted Browsing Content with Advanced VPN Protection.

TeraVPN Provides Pioneer VPN Services Across the World.

TeraVPN secure Computers.

Online Security

Secure Computers From Hackers using VPN

Best Free VPN App for online data encryption.

Encrypt Protocol

Encrypt Internet Traffic using L2TP/IPsec Protocol

TeraVPN is best free VPN to access banned websites

Web Freedom

Access regional restricted
or banned sites anywhere

NO DNS tracking by using TeraVPN

No Browsing History

No DNS Information means No Tracking

Best free VPN to surf online without disclosing identity

Internet Privacy

Surf internet without dis-
closing your identity

TeraVPN has large global access

Global Network

Large approach with ser-
vers in 63 countries

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How It Works ?

You may or may not be aware what crucial data you share while using internet over your devices.
This information may include your location, internet provider, operating system & what you’re searching in browser and much more.
With TeraVPN you save your information from ISP, Hackers & From Govt. Organizations with high encryption methods & fully anonymously.


Security Layers
for Being Anonymous

Understand Why our Ecosystem is 100% Secure ?


IP Cloaking

IP Cloaking feature masks your real IP with anonymous IP to prevent any tracking.

128-bit Encryption

End-to-End Encryption prohibits hackers to steal any single data file at any level.



Secure your network by blocking unwanted connections at any device or OS.

Unrestricted Access

Bypass regional restricted or censored content using TeraVPN Services